Halloween 2014 Photos

The photos from the 2014 Make Believe Halloween Extravaganza are available on Flickr: Halloween 2014 Photos

Reflections on the Recent Actions of the PCUSA General Assembly (GA) in Detroit.

Mason and Dixon were out surveying and arguing, when Mason said to Dixon, "You've got to draw the line somewhere."  Our recent GA actions went beyond the line of Scripture.  It voted to allow Churches and Pastors in states where Same Sex Unions are legal to be able to perform such unions.  We are a confessing Church, which means...

Community Game Night

Warm up your hands for the Euchre Tournament at the 'COMMUNITY GAME NIGHT' the 2nd Friday of every month (6:30pm to 9:30pm).  A $5 donation includes pizza, drink and dessert.  Many other games will also be available along with the opportunity to learn the game of euchre.  An extra $5 gets you into the Euchre Tournament with a chance...