Small Groups

Building Relationships

At First Pres, we recognize that small groups can have a big impact on the church as a whole as they meet individual needs. By developing close relationships and promoting spiritual maturity the church is ultimately strengthened. In small groups people can share struggles, talk about real issues, and pray for and support one another under the guidance of Scripture.

We have a number of small groups and Bible studies that provide our adults with this ongoing support and Christian friendship. They focus on different themes, and have different styles. Currently, we offer the following:

Men's Bible Study - 1st and 3rd Wed. of every month @ 10am.
Women's Bible Study - Every Thurs. Sept - May @ 10am.
Various Small Groups - Meet throughout the week in homes and at the church.

In addition to these, we are always open to starting new groups as the need arises. For more information concerning small groups please contact the church offices.