Director of Music Position

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First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn

600 North Brady Road, Dearborn, Michigan 48124


Position Description:  Music Director


            Persons seeking this position must discern a genuine call to serve Christ and His church with his or her musical and spiritual gifts.  Candidates will be required to demonstrate a professional level of musical talent and working knowledge and theological understanding of diverse styles of traditional and contemporary church music. A bachelor’s or graduate degree in organ, sacred music, choral music education or related concentration and/or AGO certification is preferred. 

            The position is ¾ time (expected to require approximately 30 hours per week) commencing Monday, January 2, 2017 with a starting salary of $34,000 per year.


Music Director Responsibilities:

Support and provide high quality choral and organ music for:

·         Sunday morning services 

·         Weekly choir rehearsals 

·         Special services (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.) 

·         Special events such as choir concerts, and as available, other additional services and rehearsals as requested by the pastor.

·         Optionally, support individual church members’ needs for an additional fee, such as weddings and funerals. (The Music Director will have the right of first refusal when organ music is desired for weddings and funerals in the sanctuary.)

Chancel Choir and Contemporary Worship Team:

ª  Direct the Adult Choir and provide both musical and spiritual leadership to the group.  Perform all aspects of this function, including music selection, Sunday morning program scheduling, planning and coordination with the pastor, contemporary worship team, tech team and other church staff.  Provide discipline, advance planning and scheduling to enable the choir to perform optimally. Suggest use of a monthly music letter with schedule, music and prayer concerns.

ª  Provide musical coaching, instruction and directing which enhances the skills and performance of the choir. 

ª  Create an atmosphere that will attract and retain both current and new choir membership. Develop and implement ideas to attract new choir members and build a strong, inspirational choir.    

ª  Provide dynamic spiritual leadership and set an example to encourage choir members to minister to each other and to the church.

ª  Coordinate with and support the contemporary musicians in order to provide spiritually rich and diverse music in worship. Help to create an atmosphere that will attract and retain current and new musicians and help to implement ideas that will enrich the contemporary music program and attract new musicians.

ª  Demonstrate a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in working with the church staff and congregants.

ª  Propose and implement special music programs as approved by the pastor.

ª  Arrange for substitute organists/choir directors as needed for anticipated absences.

Children and Youth:
       Children’s Programs:

ª  Direct the children’s choir, including music selection, leading rehearsals, and program planning.  Coordinate and communicate with parents. Mentor and develop potential lay leaders in this ministry.

ª  Ensure appropriate inclusion of Christian music in all of our Children’s Programs, including Sunday school, Wednesday evening FISH program. 

ª  Develop musical programs/offerings for elementary and preschool-age children.  Provide musical leadership instruction and coaching for lay volunteers who may serve as Sunday School Teachers, VBS volunteers, etc. As needed, identify potential lay leaders for this ministry. 

       Youth Programs:

ª  Develop and direct a youth group choir with our youth, including music selection, leading rehearsals, and program planning.  Coordinate and communicate with parents. 

ª  Identify ways in which our church youth can serve our church or others with their musical talents.  Arrange for and coordinate youth involvement in our Sunday services music on a regular basis. 

ª  Assist with youth drama or musical productions led by other church members.

ª  Serve as a role model for our youth and children.



Other Duties and Meetings:

ª  Actively and positively lead the coordination of all music programs in a manner that supports the vision of  the church.  Make recommendations for changes which would enhance the music ministry and further our vision.

ª  Collaborate with the contemporary worship team to provide 
a harmonious musical approach to all worship services by coordinating resources and service elements across groups, etc.

ª  See to the care and maintenance of the church organs, pianos and other church instruments.  Alert the pastor and finance committee if any unbudgeted repairs or maintenance are required or anticipated.

ª  Maintain, or recruit volunteers and oversee the maintenance of, the church’s music library in good order. 

ª  Participate in the pastor’s staff meetings.

ª  Participate in monthly Worship and Arts Committee meetings.

ª  Other duties as assigned by the pastor.

ª  Maintain attendance records for choir, youth and children’s choirs and other regularly scheduled music programs under their supervision

Administrative duties:

ª  Together with the pastor, prepare goals and objectives for the next evaluation period and coordinate an action plan to achieve them, to be reviewed each year as part of the annual appraisal.

ª  General administrative duties, including but not limited to: ordering all music and music supplies, managing the music budget, writing bulletin, website and Vision inserts as needed, email communications and other administrative tasks.  





1. Mail cover letter, resumé, and names of three references (two must be work or skill related) by August 30, 2016 to: 

First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn
ATTN: Jeremy Hughes, Chair, Search Committee
600 North Brady Road
Dearborn, MI 48124


2. Email cover letter, résumé, and names of three references (two must be work or skill related) by August 30, 2016 to:


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