Mission Sewing

Not Just For Sewers

If you LOVE to sew, knit or quilt, mission sewing might be the place for you! Mission sewing is a ministry of Presbyterian women that provides clothing, linens, school supplies, baby layettes and many other similar articles for hospitals, domestic and international charities, nursing homes and shelters. Last March, our First Pres sewers hemmed twenty seven baby blankets, while others knitted baby hats, preemie blankets and booties.

What if you DON'T sew, knit or quilt, not to worry, mission sewing is still a place where you can serve. When we first began, the articles were mostly sewn by the women who were involved in Presbyterian women. Though many items are still handcrafted today, the above list depicts how the needs have extended beyond what we can sew in our homes or at the church. Therefore, most of the articles provided are now being purchased, allowing for those of you who don't sew, an opportunity to take part in this ministry!

The list of donation items is determined by the Presbytery Committee who discerns the needs of the various charities in which we contribute to throughout the year. This list is available until the end of August in the church narthex and items may be dropped off until the end of September.

For more information please contact Olimpia Todor at 313-336-2772