Touch of Hope

Reaching the Local Community

Our Touch of Hope Ministry provides support to selected families within the local community. Approximately fifteen families a year are impacted by First Pres through the donation of items given during the program's various offerings.  

The heart of this program however, is found in the church members who sponsor a family. In doing so, they take the time to make periodic family contacts and deliver the Touch of Hope Offerings.


Christmas Offering

Gives family members gifts along with non-perishable food, paper products, cleaning supplies and toiletries. Gifts and other donations are purchased by congregation members. Each family is also given a $50 Kroger card.

Easter Offering 

Provides congregation donated non-perishable items and a Kroger card. Children under ten are provided Easter baskets.

Back to School Offering

Provides a backpack and supplies for school-aged children. Congregation members pick possible donations from a list and purchase these items. Volunteers assemble the backpacks.

Monthly Grocery Shoppers

Members commit to purchasing items or food gift cards worth $10 to $20 per month. The family sponsor then delivers these items to the family on a monthly basis.

Emergency Assistance

This may be provided throughout the year as necessary.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The special offerings take many volunteers to be successful.  Tasks include donating items, sorting donations and preparing for the offerings. Monthly grocery shoppers are also needed.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Margie Johnston-Maurer at 313-563-9520.