Symbol & Building

Reflecting Christ In All We Do

Our Symbol

Our symbol represents our church and our faith. 

FPC logo

GREEN represents a person bowing down to God in worship and immersed in the Word.

YELLOW represents a person with outstretched arms, joining in fellowship with others.

BLUE represents a person reaching down to help through service and the good news.

RED represents a person coming to our congregation and being received in love.

When we worship our Lord, join together in loving fellowship, reach out to those in need and embrace those seeking to come home to Gods' love, the love of the cross is lived out in us. 

Our Building

FPC building At First Pres we believe that all that we do should point to God's glory and manifest His love for His people. With that in mind, our church building is constructed in such a way that emphasizes our beliefs.

With its solid construction, our building reflects the firm basis on which the church stands, while its light airy texture points to the movement of God's Spirit. The triangular design highlights our belief in the Trinity, an essential of Christian faith as expressed through God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, while the crosses call attention to the central theme of the gospel message. At our entrance is the cross and a stain glass window seeking to point to God, for this is how we approach God and proclaim His glory.

The windows looking out at the woods and the green carpet leading into the main sanctuary reminds worshippers that they live and worship in God's world not apart from it.  Our Chapel is a place to be away from the world with God alone. Finally, the arrangement of our seating is a reminder that Christians gather around the table in the presence of Christ who calls them together in love and in unity.