What To Expect

As You Walk In...

Our desire at First Pres is to create a place where all people, from all walks of life, can feel as though they have a place to come home to. However, we understand how uncomfortable it can be when you are a visitor. Therefore, the following information is for you to have more of an understanding of who First Pres is, and what we do as a congregation called together in worship.

For Adults

As you enter in, you will see a few people in suits, some in blue jeans, but most will simply have on a nice shirt and slacks. There is a bulletin distributed that  shows the plan for worship and tells you what is in the week ahead.  Before we begin worship, there is usually a brief time for people to greet one another.  Our people are friendly.

For Children

Children are welcome in our worship services and they often participate. When children attend services with their families, they see worship in action. As they participate in worship, they absorb scripture, learn the truths of the church, and follow the example of those around them.  Our pastor and people enjoy children being in worship. 

Activity Bags

Each Sunday, we provide activity bags with coloring materials for children's use during worship services. Help yourself to a bag from the rack in the narthex just outside the sanctuary.

Children's Church

After hearing the scripture and children's message (children's time) in the worship service, elementary-aged children through grade 3 may proceed upstairs for children's church, where they do hands-on activities (during the sermon and conclusion of the worship service).  They have fun.  We often have special surprises for them.


Our adult nursery caregiver has a degree in child education and has a heart for children.  Caring and friendly nursery care is available for children who are too young to participate in children's church. Childcare is also available during most other church programs.